...and see what my swoopiness says about me.

...and not be freaked out by it's accuracy. You can see how much I freaked out, here.

How would you create the address? I will do this this summer.

...and have the name 'Somerset' in the address, so that it will be from one Somerset to another. Blog post is here.

...Baileys cheesecake...beating last year's. managing to beat last year's perfect Baileys cheesecake.

...and it absolutely stinks.

...and try not to choke on the sulphuric smell on White Island, NZ.

...and it was before they'd filmed there.

...complete with real flowers and plants. All sorts of important documents had to be signed to confirm that we would be good little hobbitses and not post photos online. Otherwise we would be sentenced to the depths of Mt Doom!

...See it every time I travel from London back to my parents' house.

...given that this is not too far from where I was brought up and I would go past it EVERY time I would come home from London, I only stopped here a few years ago. 

...and drink a pint of wine for 80p.

...for a friend's 21st a few years ago. Absinthe induced mess is a must.

...and I was 11 years old and it was so COOL.

...and put your feet in Forrest Gump's trainers. After all, life is like a box of chocolates...

My cousin came over from California.

...preferably in the summer of '12. Preferably if they're American, and are absolutely transfixed with everything English. Glasto & he high fived me.

...and get a high five off of him. Like I did. At Glastonbury.

...and I don't remember a thing. My feet weren't touching the ground - literally and I had 145,000 people pushing me up against the barrier.

...but don't stand at the barrier with 145,000 people behind you. Your feet don't touch the floor, and your ribs get bruised. Glastonbury 2010.

Does it count if it was a direct message and so nobody can see it *ahem* Zak Bagans.

...a direct message that no other tweep can see totally counts. Thank you Zak Bagans for telling me that you don't like apples.

...she isn't someone I would pay to see but she smashed it at Glasto.

...she runs the world. Glastonbury 2011 with barrier action.

Waitomo, NZ. are a no no. The wormies don't like it. Waitomo, NZ.

...and be the coolest ginger there ever was.  Update: This was on my bucket list but my Mummy fixed it for me.

...officially making me the coolest ginger in the world. Ron Weasley included.

Too many times to count. One more will be added in June 2013.

...over and over and over again. And then one more for added luck in June 2013.

...and try not to smudge it every time you get one.

...and try not to smudge it EVERY time you get one.

...for the second time. If only my brother would get on with it.  Update: This was on my bucket list. Guess what? He finally got on with it.

...I'd been one for 18 years, but I was desperate for another niece/nephew. Fortunately, my brother granted me this wish, and in October 2012, my nephew was brought into this world.

...and Mummy taught me how to make pastry from scratch.

...and the pastry must be made from scratch. Mummy Harlow gives wonderful pastry making lessons.

...because it's a real place #fact.  Update: This was on my bucket list. I did this on 30/11/12 and it was EPIC!

...because this place is REAL, and I'm patiently waiting for Hogwarts letter to arrive in the post. was Halloween and I was young & stupid. was Halloween and I was young & stupid. This is not an excuse. I'm not proud of myself.

...and got completely sozzled on NZ wine.

...or two. Or three. And get completely sozzled on New Zealand wine.

...and it was like.'s big...and red...and rock like.

...and it's a really funny colour.

...and try not to be disappointed when you do.

...and then climb all over them.

...and climb all over them. That's ok, isn't it?

...easily accomplished but it will always be a never-ending quest in my life.

...easily accomplished but it will always be a never-ending quest in my life.

The best festival in the world and I go every year...for free.'s an annual thing. Nothing tastes as good as free.

...namely at weddings. there an occasion other than weddings where this is done?

...and have the time of your life.

...and leave your heart there.

...not bad for a ginger.

...they really do have more fun...than gingers anyway.

...2006 demonstration against rise in tuition fees - it happened anyway. Back when student protests weren't riotous. taking a firm stand against the government in increasing the tuition fees. It was a complete fail but at least it was a riot free zone.

...and then hide it from your parents for 1 1/2 years.

...and then hide it from your parents for a year and a half.

...and see Abu Simbel in 40 degree celsius heat at 8am.

...and be accused of carrying a bomb at Cairo airport.

...standing on either side of the Tropic of Capricorn totally counts.

... because standing on either side of the Tropic of Capricorn totally counts.

...the Mona Lisa is sooo tiny.

...and be completely surprised by how tiny the Mona Lisa is.

...but i'm not finished with this country. drink tea and eat duck's brain.

...and not have your Dad talk to you for 3 days.

...and not have your Dad talk to you for 3 days.

...every year since I was baby.

...every year since I was a baby, with Graceland blasting through the stereo.

...Australia Zoo where the koalas are such posers. Australia Zoo where they're bigger posers than Kim Kardashian.

...It's steep.

...and try not to look out of breath climbing the steep steps.

...I saved for ages and then bought one in Paris. All I could afford was a coin purse.

...even if it's just a coin purse because that's all you can afford.

...26 hour bus journeys are the future.

...and endure 26 hour bus journeys...and get your hand trapped between elevator doors...and spend the night on the streets when the hostel closes before you arrive.

...My Dad's 60th. Hardly got the cantankerous fool out of the house. <3 him.

...for my Dad's 60th. Getting him to leave the house was like trying to nail jelly to the wall.

...avec ma mere.

...avec ma mere.

...having an uncle live there helps. A lot.

...having an Uncle live there helps. A lot.

...and I did it in China.

...and not send food flying across the table.

...the originals.

...and look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Cocktail.

...the classic link bracelet of course but they don't do breakfast.

...without asking them where they serve breakfast.

...Ninety Mile Beach, NZ but not at ninety miles an hour.

...Ninety Mile Beach, NZ but not at 90 mph.

...Cadbury's - in NZ.

...and release the Cadbury's waterfall.

...for 2 months. In NZ. With my Mum. In a campervan. Heaven.

...for 2 months around New Zealand with Mummy Harlow, chasing after the England rugby boys. Heaven.

...had to be pushed - literally.

...and try and jump by yourself and *ahem* not asked to be pushed.

...pretty much every year at Glastonbury. Glastonbury. Drunk.

...the ultimate freedom.

...because it is the ultimate freedom.

...and then cling to the side in every photo.

...and cling to the side as if your life depended on it.

...NYC. The best 18th birthday present in the world.

...for your 18th birthday. amount of time will ever be enough seeing this country.

...and not have your things stolen but be in awe of the people, their accents and their country.

...3 times. Most recently for the RWC '11. Rugby heaven. If I make it a 4th, I will not be returning home. #Fact.

...and make the fourth visit a permanent one.

...and feed it milk at the wonderful Ukutula Lodge, SA.

...and feed it milk...and watch it try and chew your trainer at the wonderful Ukutula Lodge, SA.

...Steve Irwin, you will forever be a legend!

...and drive Steve Irwin's jeep.

...Luxor, Egypt. Over the Valley of the Kings.

...and be completely surprised by how hot it actually is.

...and it was BIG.'s so...grand.

...and it rained, nearly every day. No fun for an 11 year old. isn't golden....and it doesn't have any gates.

...Adelaide, Oz. They tried to bite my friend's bottom.

...and stand by and watch whilst they nibble your friend's bottom.

...Kruger Park. Saw the Big 5 in 10 hours. Take that!!

...and see the Big 10 hours. Better than what some people achieve in a lifetime. their natural environment, and then have your friend throw up.

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