Saturday, 4 January 2014

Anonymous Letter Sending

How would you create the address? I will do this this summer.


My first item has officially been ticked off of my bucket list. 

This had to be fairly straightforward. Write a few words on a piece of paper, pop it in an envelope, and send it to a random address.

The reality was pretty close. I thought that it would be verging on the impossible to magically think up a physical address to send a letter to. Wouldn't it be the cutest to send the letter to an address with 'Somerset' in it? So I typed 'Somerset Road' into the maps section of that little known search engine and it suggested Oakland in California. Well, Oakland in California, you're about to get an adorable (even if I say so myself), and unexpected letter headed your way.

I wanted the contents of the letter to be as simple as possible, more of a thank you for helping me to achieve something on my bucket list than a Who I Am, What I Like, and Where I'm From, cliche.

Manila envelopes scream 'boring' and this was my opportunity to be creative...somewhat. I was going to make a mapvelope. I printed out the original map from the search results onto nice, shiny, sleek paper. I then drew around an opened out envelope (making sure it was a size that my letter would fit) and cut it out, ensuring that the location pin was on the front. Make the necessary folds and glue into place. I wouldn't have known how to do this without the help of this nautical themed tutorial. Thank you.

 With the mapvelope complete, and the letter inserted, it was ready to be sent to my random location. 

I've left instructions in the letter directing the recipient right here, so that they can leave a reply - if they wish to do so. But hey, if they don't reply, then that's ok too. It was a fun experience and I see mapvelopes being heavily involved in my future.

'Send a letter to a random address and see if they right back' in the words of Gordon Ramsay...'DONE!'



    1. Aww thanks.

      It was my NY resolution for 2013 but I never did it. Ooops.